The “Mother of all Demos”

On December 9th, 1968 Doug Engelbart appeared on stage at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco to give his slated presentation, titled “A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect,” where he spent the next 90 minutes not only telling about his work, but demonstrating it live to a spellbound audience that filled the hall.

Instead of standing at a podium, he was seated at a custom designed console, where he drove his presentation through the NLS computer residing 30 miles away in his research lab at Stanford Research Institute, onto a large projection screen overhead, flipping seamlessly between his presentation outline and live demo of features, while video teleconferencing members of his research lab linking in from SRI demonstrated more of the system.

You can also experience the demo interactively, in our browseable, skimmable, clickable version, and find stories and more links at the Doug Engelbart Institute’s demo site: